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Paitson Bros. will perform semi-annual 20 point inspections on your listed equipment each 12-month period during the term of this agreement. 20 point inspections will include (to the extent applicable and to the extent of the components of your listed equipment are accessible) those services indicated on the front of this agreement. You may contact us to schedule your 20 point inspections. 20 point inspections will be scheduled to be completed during the term of this Agreement during normal business hours.

For other service, we will use reasonable efforts to provide you with priority service through preferential treatment in the scheduling of your call. You may contact us for emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. Emergencies are situations that create substantial risk or injury to persons or substantial property damage.

For any repairs we perform on the listed equipment during the term of this agreement, we will provide you with our "Customer Assured (flat rate) Pricing" applicable to such repairs, when available.

We will provide you with a fifteen percent (15%) discount off our usual and customary rates charged to customers who do not have a service agreement and will not charge you overtime towards repairs you have us perform on the listed equipment during the term of this agreement.

Repairs performed by us on the listed equipment during the term of this agreement will be covered by our warranty on the repair services we provide. Should any such repair performed by us on the listed equipment, during the term of this agreement, fail within 12 months of the date of the repair due to our workmanship or parts provided, we will perform the repair again (including parts) at no cost to you.
Before calling for emergency service, the customer must be certain that:

A.   Air Filters are clean.
B.  There is sufficient fuel supply.
C.  The electrical power is on.
D.  That fuses are not burned out.
E.  Thermostat is set above room temperature for heating or below the room temperature for air conditioning.

If a service call is made by Paitson Bros. at the request of the customer and any of the above conditions are found to be the source of the difficulty, we reserve the right to charge for that call at our established service rates.

If the unit covered by this agreement has been adjusted by or tampered with by anyone other than one of our regular servicemen, we reserve the right to charge for that call at our established service rates.

If repairs are recommended by Paitson Bros., and the customer refuses such repairs to be performed, and a subsequent service call results as a consequence that the repair was not performed, then Paitson Bros. reserves the right to charge for that call at our established service rates.

Additional filter changes (other than that provided at the time of the seasonal inspection) are not included

The cost of labor and or material to repair, replace or clean duct work, sheet metal work, register openings, chimney cleaning or repair is not covered under this service agreement.

Under No circumstances does Paitson Bros. agree to provide labor, parts or material necessary to replace a complete air conditioner, condensor or evaporator coil, refrigeration lines, a complete heating system, burner assembly, blower assembly, combustion chamber, cabinet or repair work on automatic humidifier or electronic air cleaner, uv lights or zone controls unless so specified by attached addendum.

Replacement of compressors and heat exchangers are not covered except as stated in the respective agreement the customer has chosen for equipment covered by the agreement.

Before accepting this service agreement, Paitson Bros. reserve the right to inspect the furnace or air conditioner or other equipment and may refuse to accept a service agreement, if in the opinion of Paitson Bros., any equipment is in such condition that satisfactory repairs are not practical or prohibitively expensive.

Plan "C" customers may upgrade to Plan "B" or Plan "A" only after being covered under Plan "C" for at least 1 year. At its discretion, Paitson Bros. reserves the right to deny the upgrade if we feel it is not in the company's best interest.

In order to be covered by a service agreement, all equipment must: (a) be installed to meet local, state and federal codes; (b) satisfy manufacturer requirements for safe and proper operation; and (c) be in good working condition at the time of enrollment. By permitting the customer to enroll in a service agreement, Paitson Bros. does not make any express or implied warranties concerning customer's existing equipment or conditions. Paitson Bros. may refuse to provide service or deny enrollment under the service agreement if eligibility requirements are not met. At its discretion, Paitson Bros. reserves the right to deny enrollment in a service agreement.

The customer is required to provide Paitson Bros. representatives with safe and reasonable access to all equipment covered under the service agreement.

Gaining Access: The service agreements do not cover the cost of gaining access to inaccessible equipment, piping or wires or restoration costs such as plaster, drywall, paint, or concrete.

Abnormal Conditions: The service agreements do not cover any materials, parts or labor for repairs which are required as a result of abnormal conditions or events such as: (a) hurricanes, tornados, electrical storms, flooding, fire or freezing, house wiring failures; (b) damage induced by animals, vandalism, customer negligence or abuse; (c) repairs by third party or the customer and; (d) a manufacturer recall, defect or retrofit.

Limitation of Liability: To the fullest extent allowed by law, the Paitson Bros. shall not be liable for any special, exemplary, punitive, indirect, consequential or incidental damages of any nature whatsoever, or any bodily injury or property damage, regardless of cause, or lost profits incurred by the customer, or anyone else even if advised of the possibility thereof.

Paitson Bros. shall not be liable for damages caused by equipment failure. Paitson Bros. shall not be held liable for any loss or damage due to delay in furnishing labor and material, or by unusual delays in procuring supplies, or for any cause beyond our reasonable control.

Paitson Bros. will not be liable for damages incurred by the customer or anyone else caused by or relating to unavoidable delays, failure to service, unavailability of parts, equipment failure, weather conditions, work stoppage, strike or other circumstances beyond the Paitson Bros. control.

Paitson Bros. shall not be responsible for repairing equipment when parts are not readily available. In addition, the service agreement does not cover repair of any devices, parts or controls other than those specifically covered by the service agreement.

Paitson Bros. shall not be held liable for expense in removing. replacing, or repairing any part of the building structure necessary to the execution of the agreement.

Hazardous Materials: The service agreement does not include services which involve the handling, disturbance, or disposal of hazardous or toxic materials, such as asbestos.

Customers choosing single payment option must prepay for each service agreement. These service agreements will renew automatically unless notification of non-renewal is received prior to the renewal date. At renewal time, prices may be subject to change as circumstances dictate.

Service agreements where customers choose single payment option may be terminated by either party upon 30 days written notice. In the event the agreement is cancelled by the customer a refund will be issued on a pro rata basis less any expenses incurred by Paitson Bros. (based on service rates in effect at that time and parts and materials used at regular retail prices.) In the event the agreement is cancelled by Paitson Bros., the customer will be refunded on a pro rata basis any unexpired portion of the term.

Service agreements where customers choose single payment option may be transferred by you only to the person to whom you sell your residence during the term of this agreement. This agreement may be transferred by us at any time.

Customers which choose the monthly payment option regardless of method of payment must sign up for a 1 year commitment and will agree to automatically renew in additional 1 year increments on each anniversary date. Customers are responsible for the total annual cost of their service agreement. Prices are subject to change. No refunds will be provided with respect to such service agreements for early cancellation and customers on monthly payment plans will continue to be responsible for monthly fees for the remaining term of such service agreements. You may cancel your service agreement without penalty by providing notice within 45 days after your service agreement renewal date.

No service will be required to be rendered by us under this Agreement if you have a past-due account and this Agreement can be cancelled by us for fraud, material misrepresentation, your failure to make any payment required under this agreement when due or your failure to pay for any services or goods rendered or provided by us to you, whether in connection with this Agreement or otherwise.

In addition to any right you may have under the law or elsewhere in this agreement, you may cancel this agreement within the first three days following the effective date of this agreement. If no services have been performed under this agreement or if required by law, you will receive a full refund.

This service agreement covers the entire agreement between Paitson Bros. and the customer, and it is understood by the parties that there are no verbal agreements not covered herein.

Covered Parts of Plan A

  • Accumulator
  • Add-on Fan Centers
  • Add-on Indoor Fan Relay
  • Automatic Vent Damper/Motor
  • Blower Components
  • Capacitor
  • Circuit Board
  • Contactor
  • Condenser Fan Motor
  • Cooling Contactor/Relay
  • Crank Case Heater
  • Defrost Control Thermostat, Circuit Board, Timer & Relay
  • Door Switch
  • Electric Ignition System
  • Fan Blade
  • Fan Control
  • Fan Limit
  • Fan Motor
  • Filter Drier
  • Flame Sensor
  • Flame Spreader
  • Flow Switch
  • Freezstat
  • Furnace Low Voltage Circuit Fuse
  • Fusible Link
  • Gas Burner and Orifices
  • Gas Control Valve
  • Heating Circuit Transformer
  • High Limit
  • Hot Surface Igniter
  • Ignition Runner Bar
  • Inducer Motor & Wheel
  • Internal Electrical Wiring
  • Limit Controls
  • Line Components
  • Low Ambient Temperature
  • Sensor
  • Muffler
  • Outdoor Temperature Sensor
  • Pilot Burner
  • Pilot Tubing
  • Pressure Switch
  • Pulley & Belt
  • Refrigerant Orifice
  • Relay
  • Reversing Valve
  • Roll Out Switch
  • Sequencer
  • Start Assist Assembly
  • Summer/Winter Switch
  • Thermocouple/Generator
  • Thermostat (standard only)
  • Time Delay Control
  • TXV Valve

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